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How many glasses are on your White Table Altar ?

We recently conducted an online survey and although it was a close call 43 % voted 7 glasses.  So how many glasses is correct ? In order to answer that, we first need to identify why the glasses of water are used in Spiritism.  The water is used as a conductor of spiritual energy.  It helps the spirit world to connect with us.  Some would say the glasses of water represent our different spiritual courts and the central glass represents god.  So with this new insight we might assume the more the merrier right ?! Many spiritual professionals identify the number 7 to represent god and the number 9 to represent Eggun.  So why so many different methods ? Practitioners will have different leanings based on their independent interpretation and their spiritual lineage.  Although the number of glasses play a symbolic role spiritual study has proven water is a necessary factor in inducing fluidity on a Spiritual Altar.


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  • This place is amazing and staff is unbelievable wonderful

    Tina Riley
  • One is enough

    Ms. Adrienne S

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